Which One of These Aircraft Do You Think Is Closer?

I think the UA 767 is closer. That picture is like an optical illusion or something.

BTW- Mabey you should edit the post and make it into a poll. You might get more of a conclusive answer that way.
The 767 is the closer of the two, he's going to 28L, and the 737 to 28R. Observed this approach from the jumpseat once ... it definitely keeps your attention!

In my short "break" from "studying" from "exams" I decieded to "hop" onto JC and "vote" for the "767". "Thanks"
I am more than sure that the 737 is closer and landing on Runway 28L.

If you look at the pic close enough you will notice the 737 appears to be a little larger than usual when put up next to a 767.....The runways are only 100 feet apart too.... Plus the 767 looks like it would land on the 737 if it were closer...

737 is closer....
I'd have to say the 767 is closer. The details (lettering, etc.) on the 767 are clearer than those on the 737.

In any case, I now have a new wallpaper...pretty cool pic!
The runways are only 100 feet apart too....

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Dude, I don't know about that.

I'm looking at the diagram in my AFD and those runways are 200 feet wide. They appear to be about twice as far apart as they are wide so they are probably about 400 feet or so apart.
By comparing the sizes of the windows, doors, registrations, and American flags of the two aircraft; not to mention the fact that the 767 is much larger than a 737, I believe that the 737 is closest.

And if that doesn't convince you, I searched the Airliners.net forums and found the exact same post as this one. One of the members contacted the photographer, and here's the response:
Thank you for your interst in the photo. I had no idea that it would come to this, but I truly do appreciate the interest. The answer to the question is the 737. Just by looking at the photo, the best evidence I could come up with would be the relative size of the main passenger doors or even the relative size of a 767 vs a 737. And just to clear up any controversy, I do actually have a photo showing the 737 in front.
Thanks again,
-Stephen Rubke

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Case closed.
737 is definitely closer. If the 767 was the closest, that would mean that the 737 was fairly comparable in size to the 767, which just isn't true.

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I see this all the time on Sunday afternoons at the uncontrolled field I fly at. I think they're going for the same runway. The 67's gonna land on top of the 37.