When Greed Kills

If I had some experience in type, I would think that I would have some questions about the numbers, just out of curiosity. Maybe I'm a gear-head at heart, but when I see somebody get extra HP from an engine I want to know how they did it. When my car picked up 5HP in the new model year, I wanted to know what changed.

NTSB Report:
Very scary. When you get stabbed in the back it's always by those you trust.

Wonder if I would have the savvy to notice that something was wrong and take the initiative to adjust the load if the numbers weren't making sense in terms of aircraft performance....
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The performance "exaggerations" of aircraft performance were well know amongst the crews despite the fact that Carson disputes the NTSB findings (Carson is still blaming the FCU but the numbers don't lie)
The contract pay was based on loads moved vs. hobbs time. Once again pressure on the crew to perform ended as predicted......IMHO