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Hello to all,

Does anyone know how Walnut Gardens is compared to the other FAA approved housing complexes? Any info is appreciated.

In addition, what are the best complexes for someone NOT bringing a car to OKC (i.e. safety, cleanliness, convenience)?



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as we discussed I haven't heard any bad things. Seems most places fall under the "meh" category. I'm pretty sure this place has those buses to the academy since you don't have a car.

Here's a cool little link, type in the address 6700 NW 16th St., Oklahoma City, OK which is where it is and you can see in the last year there has been little to no crime in that area of the city sans a one person shooting in March of this year. Appears the worse areas are east of the airport.


See u there in August.


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I was in OKC for RTF a few months ago and stayed at Walnut Gardens. It's FAA approved, furnished rooms, choice of studio, one bedroom, or two bedroom with laundry in the one and two bedroom places. It was close to the Red Dog, wait nevermind...Uhhh, free laundry in the common area for studio apt people. I was in a studio and it was $29/day. They have courtesy cars available if you need to go to wal-mart (1/2 mile down the road). It's close to the academy and has a shuttle to the academy daily based on the class start times. The property is also gated. Maid service is available upon request to change the linens, take out the trash and bring fresh towels. To me it was the best bang for the buck and I ended up making a couple hundred dollars in three weeks from my per diem. The ladies in the front office were also very nice and accomodating.

I didn't have a car while I was there and to me it wasn't a big deal. You'll find people in class that have cars and like I said above, Walnut Gardens has courtesy cars that you can check out for an hour or so to run to the store. Wednesday night is also keg night. Self explanatory. I knew people at Apple Tree and Spanish Gardens and the rooms are pretty much the same but Walnut Gardens seems to be in the best location. Is that an oxymoron? Best location/OKC? Anyway, I was only there for three weeks but it was close, clean and affordable!