visiting the academy


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Hey everyone, I'm a new private pilot from up north and I'm coming down next thursday May 8th, to tour campus and sit in on a class, and I was wondering if anyone will be around and if you have the time, meet with me just to give me more of an idea of how everything goes on from a student's perspective. They scheduled me to sit on a flight instruments class friday morning, and I'll be staying there thursday and friday night. I just passed my private checkride last weekend and now I'm deciding on either staying here at my FBO or going to FSA.
Any help will be appreciated, Thanks!
I'm doing the same visit this Monday 5/12--if anyone knows of people to talk to or questions I should ask while there, I'm all ears.

Sorry jonboy...didn't see your post until stultus responded and brought it to the top.

How was your tour? Any questions?