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Just an honest question and hope for an honest answer.

It really seems to good to be true. You go through the program so fast and get so many ratings.

Do you really learn what you need to learn? It just seems that everthing is done SO FAST.

How do you guys think your instrument skills are going through that rating so fast?
As I have posted in other threads, a lot of the learning and retention depends on you. If you know the material coming in and keep studying, there is no problem-I found the pace very likable until the CFI training. But, I had all my written exams finished and knew the seminole supplement cold. Others I met were not so well prepared, and they had a much more difficult time since they were under pressure to study and finish the writtens.

I feel my instrument skills are good. I am very comfortable on instruments, and have flown approaches to minimums. You just do what you are trained to do, from hours in the sim. You will get 50 hours in the simulator, and combined with 30-40 (don't have the logbook handy) in the airplane, you'll be good. On the XC trips, you get to put the skills to work, and I did, frequently.

I think the pace of the program actually helps in learning instrument flight, because there is no time to allow your newly acquired skills to lapse. As a CFI would say, the principles of exercise and intensity are in full effect.
Get the writtens done --> Have a blast for 3-5 months.

Seriously.. Imagine going straight through a 5 block of flying period without having to worry about studying for your writtens or learning the suppliment as you go..

The work before you go will pay off.. Atleast I hope it will for me when/if I go

How do you guys think your instrument skills are going through that rating so fast?

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I couldnt imagine doing my instrument training any other way. As Pscraig mentioned, you do it everyday so your retention is better.
ATP takes 26 days to do the instrument rating. There are places where you can do the instrument rating in ONE WEEK! Three weeks is plenty of time, especially when you're flying everyday.
Which do you think is easier? ATP Career Pilot Program, or working as a flight instructor? Remember, the next logical step after the ATP program will be working as a flight instructor.

The Career Pilot Program is about 200 hours of flight training in 90 days. 2 hours flight training per day. Add ground school, studying, pre/post flight, and that still leaves you some time for other things.

When I started flight instructing, I flew 20 hours my first three days. Typical day can be 4-8 hours, plus give ground school. Not to mention paperwork, marketing, lesson-preparation, commute, etc.

ATP's Career Pilot program is fast and efficient, but certainly not too hard. I think it compares well to the dedication and time required to be a professional flight instructor.