Vacuum Artificial Horizon recomendations?


Well the old Attitude Indicator in my Cessna is dying a slow death with some weird precession once in a while in straight and level, yet it works fine most of the time... it's time to get replaced.

What are your recommendations on a standard 3-1/8" vacuum horizon?

My plane does not see any actual IMC but does get some hood training work, it also does do spin training which I know can be hard on gyros sometimes.

So far I'm finding new Sigma-Tek's are about $950 with Sigma-Tek rebuilds about $750 and RC Allen vacuum new about $750... I've heard very bad things about RC Allen electric gyros, but not much about their vacuum stuff.

Anybody have a source for high quality overhauled gyros? My current indicator is an older style so I'm not too interested in overhauling it and it's not worth anything as a core. Most of the overhauls I've found are not worth the risk given the small cost savings over new.


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The RC Allen gyro, if it's still the same one I'm thinking of, either isn't able to be overhauled, or there's a part in it that, when it wears out, makes it not worth overhauling, I can't remember which.

Sigma-Tek is kinda the going standard out there. If you don't do any IMC then just do whatever is cheapest.