USAirways East Vs West AKA "Why you should never write a judge"

"Hey ima let you finish, and I know that becoming a judge is like, hard and stuff, because I mean you've got to get through law school, then practice some sort of, like, law, and THEN get nominated to a position on one of the federal circuits, where there are only 179 judges, but you don't understand, I'M A PILOT AND THAT'S REALLY HARD!"
Correct me if I'm wrong but the east stapled the shuttle pilots and these actions were used against them as past precedence a few years later.
…and then it becomes part of the legal record, and your peers see… and it just doesn't bode well.


Something tells me Mr Anderson will soon have an overflowing mailbox if it isnt already.... I am not in the business and can see tat doesnt bode well. That'd be like me writing a letter to Bernake...
I've seen some of the East propaganda myself. Full of Sophistry and delusion.

One such chart had a sequence of events that portrayed how West pilots would be at the top of the list in 30 years! The Injustice! Never mind that in 30 years all of the East guys will have hit retirement age or just have died.