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I was wondering if anyone here works/worked as a UPS package handler and could give me some info on the position. Im trying to look for a part-time job so I can save up for flight training next year and the UPS center near my town is hiring.

The only thing im worried about is the time situation. Im currently going to college so work and school dont usually go together well. Even though the position is part-time would it take up a lot of time? Also, Im not the strongest person in the world so, how much does strength play into this job?

Thanks for your help...I understand if you all cant reply but I just cant find any "UPS jobs forums".
I think you'll be fine. You only work like 20 hours a week, and its mostly late at nite when your not in class. good luck with the job.

Yeah, you'll be fine, I use to work at UPS while in school also. Just go and apply for the position, because just starting out you won't have a choice of working the daytime hours. Usually those hours/choices go to workers that have been there longer.
I never worked there but have had some friends that have. It is a hard job. If you don't mind physical work, go for it. The pay is good and I believe you do get medical benifits and paid holidays. Be sure to join the union.
I tried to get hired by UPS six months ago and learned quite a bit about them in the process.

In most major cities, I think they're getting TONS of applicants now. The way they worked in Sacramento was to arrange info sessions at 6AM and 11PM, then get you to sign up to be scheduled for an interview. They didn't give out their HR phone number; they just told us they'd contact us. I went to three info sessions before getting called for an interview, then was never called back. This is the same story I heard from dozens of other folks trying to get hired on. Th best you can do is just be persistent. All workers are unionized (teamsters), so your pay check is pitiful for the first few months while you pay off your dues, but I think it's pretty hard to get fired and you get great benefits (considering it's part-time). Everything I've heard from friends who've worked there is that it's good, honest work--it's hard, but the company claim it's easy.

Don't do it, man!!!! I'm no stranger to hard work, but it was by far the worst job I've ever had....and I mean that. I've been an aircraft mechanic, a lineman, a college TA, a machine gunner, and infantryman, an office assistant (get the point??). It was just absolutely pointless work for me....maybe it's a personal thing, but I hated it. Dead of the summer, showtime at 0230, and work until about 8:30...I was getting between 25-30 hours per week when I was there, and the pay was great!!! Good benefits, and all of that crap. wasn't for me!!!

If you take the job, make sure you let me know what you think!!
I also worked for UPS for a little while and hated it. They started me out sorting, and while I enjoyed the challenge of the sorting job, they treat you like crap. They like to tell you one story before you get hired about how great it is and how everything works, and then once you get in its a little bit different. The job here payed okay (this was the sorting job.....the guys loading the trucks are paid less), but in my opinion you could find a job that payed comparably and have to do a lot less work. Its definitely not for everyone.....its a very high turnover workplace because of its environment. I understand that they have lots of freight to move in a little amount of time, but the way I, and everyone else was treated there, I wouldnt do it again for anything.
LOL I thought it was just me that didn't like the job!!!!!!
As an ex-employee I'll agree that it is very, very hard work(I was one of the guys who unloaded the trucks), heck many times I got yelled at for stopping (about 3 seconds) to wipe sweat from going into my eye LOL. They want to see continous work, your break will be your off time.
The pay was good per hour, but with those union dues and taxes, I was sucked dry.
In no way do I want to discourage you from applying to a good p/t job, but look at the posts to see what you'll expect. I have to repeat what was said before, "it just wasn't for me". See if it is for you!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. - If I remember correctly, UPS use to say "We run the tightest ship in the shipping business". Once your in you'll see why!!!!!!!!!!
They want to see continous work, your break will be your off time.

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I always called it a Nazi work camp...that's the enviroment!! It's bullcrap...the saddest part is that there are people that work there, and this is their greatest life accomplishment!!! They're waiting the 8-12 years that it takes to upgrade to driver - woo-hoo!!!! There's no training (maybe I'm just spoiled to expect that I'll be trained to do what I'm going to be yelled at for not doing...
), and the managers can't really manage....they're just the ones that have sucked it up long enough to do the yelling!! We even had a couple that walked around complaining about all the executives upstairs. According to my manager, they didn't know sh*t about making it happen...but those fancy degrees were the only thing keeping them from getting fired....

My opinion is all they want are warm bodies. The turnover rate is extremely high and they still keep the same system they've been running for years. I have to admit the shift isnt that long, but to me, it was complete torture for 4 hours. I didnt mind the mental challenge of having to figure out what color belt everything went on, but some trucks would unload with medical equipment and supplies and you had to lift 100 40# packages up to head level right in a row. I never got yelled at for not working because if you stopped on the sort you were so far behind you could never catch up until the truck was empty.

I wouldn't recommend not doing it either, but just be sure you know what you are getting into before you start working there. Like I said before, they will tell you how rosey it is (these are the guys who dont have to work out in it nightly) and then its a completely different story once you get out there and get through your training.
...its a completely different story once you get out there and get through your training.

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Training? You got training?
Heh, yeah I got about 3-4 days of it. I dont know how long ago you worked with UPS, or if certain hubs operate differently, but you go through 3 or 4 days of in-class training called cornerstone. Then you go out on the floor and train for a certain number of days (or hours I suppose). I probably got a little more training than most people would because I was immediately put out on the sort line which requires a lot more skill to complete the job properly.

If you include cornerstone I probably had about 8 days of training. In 10 days I learned which belt you would throw to for all 50 states, and most of the in-state belts (much more complicated). I think the loaders (and unloaders for sure) are just kind of thrown out there. Some of the guys here with unloading experience would be able to tell you who was new, or not doing their job by how badly the freight was thrown around when they opened the door. I dont think anyone is tossed out there anymore without some kind of help or minimal guidance. At least not in DSM.
My training consisted of, "I'll talk to you about what I'm doing when I have a moment....", which never happened. I did get hazmat training, but my third day, I was preloading by myself, and then when somebody got sick on my fourth day, I was working the sort...all by myself.

Then they don't understand why people quit....Idiots, I tell you! All of them. Not one brain in the building. OK, maybe there are some...but they don't know how to run the show in Nashville...maybe it's the region...yes, that tends to be the's the south. They could mess up the weather in the south....

Sorry, I digress....