Updates From Vegas


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here is where we are todate.

Friday 1700.
Opening remarks Speaker: Doug Taylor
1745 End of opening remarks.
1800 My route to the airlines Speaker: Doug Taylor
1930 What I like to do in my time off Speaker: Doug Taylor
2030 Funny Cockpit stories Speaker: Doug Taylor
2200 No Host social Cocktails and evening closing remarks Speaker: Doug Taylor

0630 Breakfast with Doug
0800 Airline food - Speaker: Doug Taylor
0900 Airline crafts and other things to keep a wife busy Speaker: Kristie Taylor
1030 commuting to work Speaker: Doug Taylor
1100 Compassion and understanding Speaker Eagle
1200 Seniority system discussed Speaker: Doug Taylor
1300 - How to ask 800 questions and Not Learn a Friggen Thing; Speaker: newbieknowitall
1500 How to function after a crappy nights sleep at the super 8 Speaker: Doug Taylor
1700 Cocktail reception meet your host Speaker: Doug Taylor
1859 College Degree Need it? Speaker Doug Taylor
1900 slide presentation photos from the road

2200 closing remarks Speaker: Doug Taylor
I just don't get it...how do you keep it all so interesting???!!!!!! My condolences to Mrs. Taylor....
1100 Compassion and understanding Speaker: Eagle

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Hahahaha, I would pay to see this one. I guess I should've gone after all....
Yea.. I'd like to see some Pic's ... any idea of when the next Convention
will be ???.

Hey Doug.. ever thought of being an Aviation Career Speaker ??? You know, like go on tours and stuff ( when your retired of Course )
If theres a next convention I say we make it on the east coast, so it's easier for some of us to make it.
I was browsing the agenda and I didn't see any of my favorite things: "Beer", "Gambling", "Beer", "Hit The Clubs", and more "Beer". And I wonder why my wife won't let me go to Vegas.
There's a JetCareers party in Vegas!?! When were you planning on telling the rest of us?

(I kid, I kid ... I'm a huckster, not a fighter
If theres a next convention I say we make it on the east coast, so it's easier for some of us to make it.

[/ QUOTE ]
Yea something on the east cost would be nice
yea !! I personally think Brunswick Maine would be the perfect place....

we can then take a field trip to Poland Spring " what it means to be from Maine " ha !!
and then we'll Visit my Base and take a tour of the " Mighty P-3c Orion " yaaeeee
All I have to say is that you guys missed a great time. Good people, everyone got along famously and looks like there's going to be a mandatory 2004 Las Vegas 'Meet the Peeps" or something like that.


Well unfortunately the flying schedule didn't cooperate, I didn't get out of AK in time to make a flight down. I didn't realize it was so tough to start a turbine in 5 degree weather. We couldn't get the plane started yesterday morning so that delayed us a bit. Hopefully I will make it next time, it would have been a good time.
If you're going to have a Vegas Crawl '04... I'm in!

I'll be a Purdue graduate with a well-paying job at Taco Bell, so I'll have a lot of free time to play with!

Does anyone know if Eagle is related to "Wilson" from Home Improvement...

They seem to look very familiar.