Tour Length


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For those who taken the tour of DC, how long does the tour take? I will be in Orlando anyway and will not be traveling on their dime. I keep playing phone tag with their admissions officer and haven't had the chance to ask.
It was about 1 1/2 years ago but I remember it being most of the day. Started around mid-morning and went pretty well into the afternoon.
I actually just showed up at their door one afternoon after arriving in Orlando on my own pre-arranged flight. I did play phone tag with them a bit-and the young lady, Jovina, actually left me a message while I was in their parking lot saying that that afternoon was not good for them. So I just walked in anyway just to check... Jovina was really nice and apparently took time out of a hectic day to accomodate me.
I ended up getting the 'non scheduled' tour, I was shown pretty much the entire campus and it really didn't take much more than an hour or an hour and a half. Like you, I did have to play phone tag and was on my own travel arrangements, so this made it that I felt bad having to put her into this weird scheduling situation.
I was very happy with the 'non-scheduled tour'(not what DCA officially calls it either
All in all a good time!