Timmypig has received his Commission!


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I'm as proud as punch team .... on Saturday night I was commissioned as a Lieutenant in the Australian Army Reserve. I'm joining the Armoured Corps - panache, style, and colour!

Tenax in fide !


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Tragically .... my camera died after 3 photos!!!!! Here's the single half-decent one, taken very early in the evening, before my 'pips' were pinned on. Ended up being a fun night, and quite late too.

To top it all off, the Australian rugby team beat South Africa - A RED LETTER DAY!!!!

Cheers Team


Boris Badenov

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Congrats to you sir! Now go tell someone to dig a ditch and write a report on it! :D

Sorry, former enlisted. But really, good on ya. If there weren't any officers, who would we make fun of. ;)


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Congratz! I wish I was an officer, I wouldn't have to work for a living :D
good luck in your career :hiya: