Test your airline history


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6 out of 25.

When it comes to the airlines, I'm definetely the 'ugly American" in the group because I don't know jack about foreign carriers besides South African Air is "Springbok", British Airways is "Speed bird" and that JAL has some smokin' hot flight attendants.


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Also 6 out of 25 ... I see a trend.

Sad thing is if we are scoring this low what would joe public score!?

There are foreign airlines?


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I got 8, believe it or not, and I was close to 9 ... almost had the QANTAS acronym correct.



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I got a 6/25 as well. This was a tough one. Like anyone can spell out what KLM stands for. I'm sure even the Dutch would have a hard time with that!!!


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I sucked at this quiz. Only six out of 25.

Some of those questions were so random!

I am going to give that quiz to some people at work next week and see how they do.


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11/25. Thought I'd do better, but those Dutch/Afrikaaner words are just noy my cup of tea.