Surf Air Hiring

I applied twice and wasn't even lucky enough to get thanks but no thanks.
I actually interviewed before getting a no thanks. This was before they were up and running. Lots of Captain applicants with 6000+ TT and jet type ratings, competing to fly a Pilatus. Glad I got the NT letter as the wait was a long time after that before the planes were flying.

During the interview I was asked about living in SLC in the past. I told them what I liked and did not like about Utah. Turns out 90%+ of the founding staff were LDS, and me not liking the state's politics was probably not well received.

To me Surf Air seems like a good opportunity to learn to fly a plane at that level for an FO but to be flying a Pilatus for sub $50k with 5000 hours TT does not seem like a good career option unless you have a military pension to support your flying habit.
During the interview I was asked about living in SLC in the past. I told them what I liked and did not like about Utah. Turns out 90%+ of the founding staff were LDS, and me not liking the state's politics was probably not well received.
From my understanding of mock interviews, with actual airline interviewees and recruiters, you should never suggest/admit about not liking living somewhere. Although...this was for take it for what it's worth...but I was taught to not suggest that because you're applying for jobs where you could be located in weird places or spend trips there, or even be based somewhere you might not like.

I made a comment when they asked me to introduce who I was and my story....
I said when I graduated high school I wanted to get out of California to go to school. It came out totally wrong by saying I want to get out of California but of course they pursued to wonder why? What did he do in California? Is there something we need to know? When simply I just wanted to move out and be a responsible adult on my own in college, travel, and work to provide for myself now that I was 18 years old (when I moved for college)...

So I'm not sure...hearing that you said you didn't like Utah reminded me of what they taught me. Either don't bring it up or DON'T give negative answers. It's a trap as always. When they asked how I liked living in Montana for my college career I just pursued a positive answer with what I enjoyed here....even though majority of 80% of my time here has sucked....being a California grown kid....loving the ocean.

Just my opinion on that comment though...feel free to throw in any of your opinions? I'm curious for future airline interviews what you think of your answer compared to mine? Would you still go back and say you didn't like Utah now?
Would you still go back and say you didn't like Utah now?

Absolutely because I make significantly more than a Surf Air pilot and work a fraction of their schedule;).

I honestly don't know how I answered the question. While the politics of Utah made me laugh I liked living there. It's my wife that did not like it and she got a job in Socal and I like wearing shorts, that is whenever I am not wearing my kilt, so here we are.

I probably had 5500 TT with half being TPIC when I interviewed and was possibly the least qualified person there. It was a sad testament of the market 3 years ago that 7000+ hour pilots with multiple type ratings were competing for this job. Even now from what I see of their crew I would say FOs are in their 30s and Captains 40s or 50s.

What you are saying makes sense. The last thing you want to hear in any interview is any negative attitude, especially about where you have lived. I imagine that applies to places you worked. I have not had an interview prep but had a professional resume writer help me out. It really helped me change the way I looked at each job I have held, in terms of looking at the positive influence I had to the work atmosphere as opposed to "I flew a plane"

Any ideas for someone at 800+TT and trying to get out of the instructor gig on the west coast?

As far as I know every flight school is looking. If not now next month when one of their pilots accept a job with a regional. I just flew with a guy this last week that is leaving a "Drone Chasing" job in Apple Valley for a regional. It's interesting work at first but he had nothing good to say about Apple Valley, he probably lied about it during his Regional interview to get the job.
Can anyone who actually works at Surf Air speak about schedules? I read five on five off when the company started out, but recently heard that isn't the case. Also do FOs have any choice in base or do they go wherever they are needed? Thanks
I'm curious of the schedule as well. I have a buddy that just applied and is waiting to hear back. It shows Sacramento as a base online. That would be pretty sweet for my buddy. It shows online each base that they are hiring for. The way the website is set up makes it seem like they hire directly into bases.
hey guys,

I just got hired at surfair. Hired on as a street captain, with about 3500 hours. FO's in the interview had around 1200TT+. Seems like a great operation, new to the forums but have been reading for years. 50 new 2016 PC12NG on order, all honeywell apex systems. great people, great environment, beats the hell out of the regional i was at. blue skies!
In addition to passenger relations, would you be throwing bags too?

I saw them loading and unloading at Hawthorne while standing around my airplane. Nice people. Very few bags at all. Kind of informal hipster boarding area. It didn't seem very grueling. Maybe I saw an easy day.

For a person with the right living situation (cheap place to live, very little communing) this could be a cool job. Not sure where it would get you long term.
I got hired on as a Captain at 60k, 3000TT and 121 time. Love it here at SurfAir, the quality of life is night and day compared to the airlines. Im home everynight, make an cool salary, and fly with the coolest people. I reccomend