Sporty's DVD instrument rating course


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Sporty\'s DVD instrument rating course

Anyone have any comments on the Sporty's DVD instrument rating course? I may be doing self-study for my instrument written, and am looking for good videos to help (I do not care for King videos). I have the first DVD in this set and it's fairly good, just curious if the whole set is worth it.
Re: Sporty\'s DVD instrument rating course

I bought them also doing a self study for my instrument. They do have exam questions but I think Sporty's tests online and the ASA Inst. book are much better for studying for the test. If you can find the discs on Ebay for cheap I'd say they're worth it but not full retail.
Re: Sporty\'s DVD instrument rating course

Yeah I bought it... they're good but boring. I forced myself to watch them all after spending $200... Would I do it again if I had to start over? Well... not for $200 but I'd try to get them cheaper on ebay.

If you watched the first one and liked it than go for it, pretty much all of them are structured like the 1st one.