Special Issuance Medical timeline?


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Anyone have updated info on how long to receive a special issuance Class 1 after submission of all health records?

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I can't tell you exactly but what I can advise is to become the squeaky wheel. Find someone at your regional office or aeromedical and politely call for an update regularly enough that they'll remember you, but not so regularly that they have you arrested for harassment.

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Thanks, I guess I would start with my AME. How would I find a regional office that I should be talking to? I live by IAD, sonny pointers would help. Man, I miss just getting my medical right after my physical!

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I called my region (eastern) today, apparently there is a 3 week delay from their scanning section, so anything sent to them to support your medical has a 3 week delay before it is even attached to your medical to be reviewed.

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