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Travis apparently had a change of plans after getting the nod from Chautauqua; ATP's site says he's gone to Ameriflight.
Nice to see someone's keeping up with my career path.

I'll fill in the blanks...

After successfully interviewing at Chautauqua in June, I patiently waited on a start date. After being told to expect late July, the pilots there authorized a strike and contentious labor negotiations ensued. My late July start became maybe September...and then perhaps November...

While waiting to start, I got to talking to a couple of my buddies -- one of whom flew for Ameriflight and now for SkyWest, and another who currently works at Ameriflight. With things up in the air at Chautauqua, both of them suggested that I go to work at Ameriflight and try to hold out for SkyWest -- and both made calls on my behalf to the powers that be. I successfully interviewed at Ameriflight and started their ground school last month. However, during my training, my wife became ill. The doctors were not sure what was causing the trouble, so she was subjected to a series of tests to rule out all of the really bad stuff. Needless to say, I suspended my training at that point to care for her. Spending those few days taking care of her reminded me of just how important my family is to me -- and made it very clear to me that I was not willing to be away from home for sixteen hours a day no matter how beneficial the job might be to my career. Hell, I even marvelled at the fact that I drove 90 miles each way to get to ATP in Riverside. With all of that in mind, I resigned from Ameriflight this past Tuesday.

I do love flying -- and I will have a long and successful career as a pilot. But, I have determined that there are certain sacrifices that I am just not willing to make. I believe that by making hard choices, I will clearly define exactly who I am and what I want out of life.

Now, for the interesting news -- I had been asked to open a new office for ATP at Van Nuys prior to leaving for Ameriflight. Obviously that plan was put on hold when I left ATP. With my new determination to work close to home, I called Jim K. and asked if he was still interested in opening the site at Van Nuys (which is just 20 minutes from my house). It is a testament to the kind of manager and person that Jim is that he welcomed me back to ATP and set the plan to open Van Nuys in motion without hesitation or fear. I was able to find a great office space there on the field and we will be open for business on the 15th of this month. This will allow me to continue working for the best flight school in the country, continue building my career skills and contacts, start work on my masters degree, and still be close to home and my family.

I have heard that Chautauqua should resume training in the very near future -- when I have to make that decision, it will no doubt be a tough one. I don't know where this great adventure is going to take me, I just know that I am enjoying the ride...
Ahh, Henry at Riverside told me that you drive from Valencia to Riverside every day..... WOW! I gotta give you one for that brother, that is a serious commute! I too live in Valencia. Is Van Nuys going to offer the ACP? I start JAN. in Riverside.

I hope your wife and family are doing well. Sounds like youve been put in some tough position recently. Drop me an email sometime.
Hi Socal, I hope your wife's health has improved. ATP in Van Nuys is Great news! I'm working on my CFI writtens now and planned to obtain my CFII and MEI through ATP after training locally for the CFI. In light of the fact that ATP will now be in Van Nuys and after my experience with the training I recieved at your Riverside location, maybe I'll just hold out until I can afford to do the complete CFI course in Van Nuys which is much closer to my home.
Well, looks like I've been forced to make the decision sooner than I thought...

Chautauqua called at the end of last week and offered me a place in RJ ground school this Friday! After talking it over with my wife and family, I will be leaving for Indy on Thursday.

Van Nuys is still a go for ATP -- the final pieces are just being put into place. Like all of the locations for ATP, it will be well-run and busy. As of right now, we will be offering the "short" programs - ATP, Multi/Com, MEI, MEII - as well as the 10 month Commercial Pilot Program. Look for some new information on the website soon.

As I sign off for a while, I wish all of you well. If I have time, I'll try to post some updates about ground school.

To those of you who wished my wife well -- yes, her health has improved. I and my family thank you for your thoughts.
Hey Travis!

You go for it! SOAR THE SKIES!
Congratulations!!!!! You deserve it!

Talk to you soon,

Gil (COME ON!)
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TODA ve Shalom

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