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Hey Travis, I have been lurking on this site for a while and am very impressed with your accomplishments and with what ATP has to offer. I have a few more years left on Active duty in the Navy. I have my private and a BS already and am looking to change careers when I get out. Do you know if I can use GI Bill benefits with ATP? Are they an approved school? I know they are part 141 but the rep I spoke with at VA said it had to be a VA approved school as well. I appreciate all the time you have put in sharing with the rest of us your experiences.

One other thing, how long is the typical time in the pool to teach at the Jax location? I have family in Charleston SC thats why I ask.

Thanks Man!
Thanks for the post. We are not a 141 school and are not approved for the bennies. All of the ex-military (and there are a TON) who come to us do so because we offer one price, accelerated training without the hand-holding that goes along with so many of the other academies. I know that being a 61 school allows us the flexibility required to offer such accelerated courses. All of my friends who have ended up at 141 schools have complained about the extra time (and money) they end up spending due to the rigid sylabus (or is that sylabi?) at those places. Take a look at Doug's opinions about 141/61 -- he recommends going to a 61 school.

As far as the wait time here in Jax, it varies -- three have left since I got here 4 1/2 weeks ago. One had been here 6 weeks, one had been here 12 weeks, and the latest came into class with me. It really depends on where you want to go and where instructors are needed. In the case of the guy who is leaving after a month, he was willing to go to an office that no one else above him (including me) wanted to go to. The location itself is very busy and he'll get a lot of flight time. For the rest of us, it was about wanting a specific location or needing to get back to our home towns (and in my case a family).

All of us are willing to put in this time here because of the multi time that awaits us once we get placed. As I've said in other posts, this time has also allowed me a chance to really get to know the company I'll be with until my first airline job.

Hope this helps. If you have any further questions, call me at the 800 number.