Starting again with VA Benefits?


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Hello everyone. I can't believe this March I will have been apart from flying for four years. It's weird to see friends I was flying with now working as CFIs and a couple work at AAK. I went a different route due to financial issues with funding flight training, school and paying off my loan for flight training. Well I have done 3.5 years in the AF and have been looking at options for early separation to the reserves as a massive DOS rollback is coming down for thousands upon thousands of enlisted airmen. I am in the process of accepting an IMA job back in Arkansas for an active duty unit at the AFB. I should hopefully get the yes in the next few weeks from AFPC and will be seperating around June.

When I stopped flying I was working on my CSEL and MEL at the same time and ended with 300TT and 22ME. I was flying under part 61and had all of my requirements met flying wise for the rating. When I start back up I will be back at college doing it 141 with the same flight school I flew at before which means I will be starting over with commercial. My VA benifits have been approved for 100%, but from my understanding for flight training they only pay for up to the reported estimated cost by the school. I have been told multiple things on how it works by different VA reps at the flight school and the VA itself. Nobody can seem to give me a solid answer. I also saw in this forum around November somebody said they were receiving $100,000 for flight training under the new 9/11 bill. Where in the world did you get that is my question?? I cannot seem to find that anywhere. I am trying to maximize my benefits to be able to finally finish my ratings which I started in '07. Does anyone have any experience using there ch 33 benefits through a university? Is there anyway to get the VA to pay for "time building" towards your license?


Ryan, create an e-benefits account, and use your regional VA center for accurate info.

If memory serves, there's a $10k/yr cap for Post-9/11. Otherwise, it's 100% coverage of your flight training. However, since you didn't take the Comm checkride under Part 61, they'll make you take their full 141 course for it (required), so you'll likely be over the $10k limit in the first year.

But again- call the local VA center, the number should be on
It seems to have changed a few times and it apparently is different for what you are doing. Ex Vocational school, accredited university, etc. Each has its own limit according to the website. I was just confused because I get different answers.

Ya I knew I would have to start over on COMM which is ok I guess. Just means more hours when I get all said and done which I luckily don't have to pay for this time around. Thanks!
I added up all of the flight labs from A through whatever and each flight lab had a set amount tied to it. In the end I'm going to use up all of the flight labs, get my ratings and degree. This is all being done through an institution of higher learning, in other words a college program. I have no idea how it works outside of the college track.
I will be doing mine through a college as well.the college itself does not have the flight pogram, but instead uses the large flight school at the airport. I have only 2-3 classes left to finish my AA. I would rather change my major to history, but if I want to VA to pay 100% for flight training. It doesn't seem I have much of a choice. Would be nice to have my CFI by the end of the year if I am able to start flying again in June.
Tulsa COmmunity COllege has an approved VA flight school. If you are interested PM me and I'll put you in touch with the right people. I used to instruct there, and you won't find a better school with a nicer group of people.