Sky Harbor terminal re-opens after security scare


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Here's the full article:

A procedural blunder by Transportation Security Administration screeners disrupted flights for more than 4,000 passengers at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Friday evening.

More than 40 flights were delayed for several hours while police, dogs and federal security officials combed the airport in search of a man possibly carrying a knife.

It is not clear if the man, who minutes earlier had been waved through the security checkpoint by TSA screeners, even had a knife, TSA spokeswoman Suzanne Luber said.

"The possibly exists that something may have gone through," she said.

It started at 5:10 p.m. in Terminal 4 when a federal TSA screener spotted what appeared to be a knife in a passenger's carry-on bag as it passed through an x-ray machine.

That screener informed a second screener, who searched the bag but found nothing, Luber said. The second screener then waved the passenger through.

Within minutes, TSA officials realized they failed to follow through with the third step required for such incidents, which led to the evacuation of the six concourses.

Luber did not describe what the required third step entailed, citing security reasons. But she did say that they are going to review security videotapes and possibly address the agency's training methods.

Meanwhile, tempers flared as thousands of passengers stood in lines that stretched clear across the terminal.

"This is a result of the Bush administration, which wants to treat us like cattle," said Mark Williams, 52, a University of Colorado professor who had been waiting in line for more than two hours.

One passenger, trying not to let the setback interfere with her weekend partying plans, butted heads with a Phoenix police officer who snatched a beer from her hands as she stood in line.

"The airport owes me five bucks for that," she said, adding that she carried the beer out of an airport bar.

Other passengers tried to keep a sense of humor.

"I'm going to San Diego. I could have walked there by now," said Dave Owens, 25, of Scottsdale.
Luber - she's a hoot... she makes it seem like it's no problem at all to sit there and have to be rescanned all over again...wonder if she did some of the rescanning to get all those people back on their way - doubt it though... she's just paid some big bucks to "speak" for the airport...