Short Brag


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While browsing through a thread on another flight school I came across the following, stated by an ex-student at said school, now working there as an instructor;

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You've got to be a freakin' idiot if you think you're going to get through any program in the time allotment and within the budget.

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I didn't want to start a flame war or anything of that sort in another flight school's forum, but I felt I had to comment on it, so.. I took it here.

People have a lot of opoinions on our program, naturally, and although I'm not normally the kind of person to brag about our own stuff, I am happy to say we do not fall under the above 'category'.

All I wanted to say.



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Just to back up what Helge said, talk to ANYONE who graduated ATP's program and you'll find out that what he said is absolutely true. After January, I'll be able to confirm the same!