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Seasonal Aerial Photography in Central and Eastern Nebraska

Shane Cassell

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My company Airscout, has two franchises in Nebraska. One in Lexington and one in Norfolk. Both are currently looking for a pilot or two who can fly photo missions in the Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Northeastern Colorado area. Pilots can expect most flights to be day trips. This would be part time, seasonal employment and pilots could expect to fly up to two to three times a week, but there is a chance that could increase based off of clients needs in that area of the country.

Pilot applicants should have excellent single pilot cockpit management skills and a good understanding of how to use an iPad and a windows equipped computer.

Contact me at shane@airscout.com if you're interested and I'll put you in contact with the franchises.
Did this last season. It's a good part time gig, but I'll stress that it is part time. And with the weather it's hard to balance another job with it unless it's flexible. The guys in Norfolk are great people.


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I'm interested but forgive the dumb question. Would I have to be available all week or can I "commute" from Omaha to Norfolk? Also do I need to be IFR current. Or is this just strict VFR work?


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This sounds interesting for me too. The question about if VFR or IFR is pretty interesting.