Regional vs. Majors Starting Pay


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I was wondering what the typical starting pay was for the majors? I ask because I had heard that it can be around $25k. Wouldn't that be sort of hard (pain in the a$$) to adjust to if you've been 4-5 years in a regional and then all of a sudden, you have to take a cut in pay? Of course, I guess I am also assuming after 4-5 years in a regional you'd be making more than that since I was told that you typically start around $18k in a regional.
I don't have any specific figures, but I have heard that you take a paycut the first year at a major. This is especially true if you were a regional captain. You can look at pay rates for some companies at if you don't mind wading through the contracts to find them.

I think that generally in the second or third year you'd probably be doing better at the major than if you had stayed at the regional. Majors generally have better work rules as well.
Wow! That site had some good info. I was a little confused though. When they mention the "year", does that mean how many years at an FO level or how many with the company. PLus, some of them had some other numbers like +18 +36 +50 What is that about?
For those that don't want to download the document: It's the payscale for Mesa. It has columns for DOS+18, DOS+36 and DOS+54.

"DOS" means Date of Signing. The pay rates go up at 18, 36, and 54 months after that contract is signed by all parties and goes into effect.