Real required reading


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For anyone wondering about your careers, I suggest reading Fate is the Hunter, by Earnest Kahn. Probably one of the best aviation novels ever written. Some things just don't change :)
GANN. Ernest K. Gann.
But yes. Amazing book.
Kahn: (Star Trek bad guy)


Gann: (Popular author)

I've been told this by so many. One day maybe I'll actually sit down and read it...
The first chapter I read was the one that ends with his captain shooting an approach to mins in a DC-2 with several inches of ice on every surface, including freezing the rudder in place. Oh yeah, they also had about 5 minutes of fuel left when they landed.

CRAZY stuff.
I love Ernie Gann's writing. I have four of his books on my shelf, but "Fate Is The Hunter" is probably my favorite. I like the movie too, but it bears very little resemblance to the book.