Quick NJC Planning Question

Which do you prefer?

  • Later in week, higher hotel rates

    Votes: 15 17.0%
  • Early in week, lower hotel rates

    Votes: 36 40.9%
  • Mid week, lower hotel rates

    Votes: 56 63.6%

  • Total voters
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Macho Superpilot
It's only creepy for them.

Also, I know you are all holding your breath, but I'm most likely not going to make it this year. Uncle Sam is paying me, Uncle Sam says no time off in Oct.

I've sucked what I can out of this website, and would like to pay back my gratitude at some point.


Frozen Guppy Manipulator
Well that really narrows it down..... ;-)
Oh that's not true. The night Gulley got pwned is a specific night whose memory will live on forever in the minds of Derg, A-Aron, Russ, me, and (as much as he'd probably like to forget) Gulley.