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So here's the deal folks: I have a plastic frame pair of sunglasses that just KILL after about 45 minutes of wearing a headset. I am thinking of getting a pair of wire-frame glasses to use in the plane with my headset.

My current glasses have the copper/rose lenses and seem rather comfortable from a color standpoint.

But, what glasses have y'all found comfortable in terms of lens color? I know the original aviator glasses were that funky green glass seen on most ray-ban brand glasses, but do folks have preferences/ideas/thoughts regarding sunglasses and what ends up being most comfortable on the eyes?

I ask because i am supposed to do my first long xc trip this weekend and i want something comfy in terms of fit as well as lens color
Anything made by Serengeti but, NOT polarized. Take a look at as they seem to have pretty good sales. I really dislike the large aviator frames so I have the Lamones. The flexable frame is real nice too.

Anything made by Serengeti but, NOT polarized.


Absolutely. Serengeti. I have the Lamones also. I got mine from an eyeglass store in Charleston, SC. They didn't have them in stock, but the gentleman there told me he'd order a pair, ship them to my house and collect later. Wouldn't even take a deposit. He even ordered 2 pair because they didn't sell the frame/lens combo that I wanted, so he swapped them out for me before shipping. If you want the number to the place, I'm sure he'd love the business. I'll buy all my sunglasses from him from now on.
I wear Arnettes Rage XL. I have a large face and they fit me fine. Their polarized and I have never had a problem with them hurting under my headset. I would take my headset to the store and try them on. Some people may think your weird but its all about your comfort.
One more vote for Serengeti's. I have the Velocity's with the drivers gradient. I have no issues with the polarized lenses. I dont fly glass panel planes, from what I have read that can cause a problem if you view the PFD from certain angles.

As far as comfort, they are great. I can not even tell they are on, they do not pinch under the headset and they do not break the ear seal that much so the noise level does not increase.
I have a pair of the green 'bans but I will agree with everyone voting for serengeti's

Both are great!
I have a pair of Bolle Anaconda's. They are polarized and on some(most big aircraft, double-paned, tinted aircraft) I will see rainbow colors. I would recommend staying away from polarized. I haven't bought a new pair of non-polarized because I don't wear them enough flying anyways, but that is my suggestion.
From the FAA Safety pamphlet "Sunglasses for Pilots: Beyond the Image"

Polarized lenses are not recommended
for use in the aviation environment. While useful for blocking
reflected light from horizontal surfaces such as water or
snow, polarization can reduce or eliminate the visibility of
instruments that incorporate anti-glare filters. Polarized lenses
may also interfere with visibility through an aircraft windscreen
by enhancing striations in laminated materials and mask the
sparkle of light that reflects off shiny surfaces such as another
aircraft’s wing or windscreen, which can reduce the time a pilot
has to react in a “see-and-avoid” traffic situation.

How's the HD?

Anyway - I'm a fan of Randolph Engineering's equipment. Shop around, find what fits well, and use them.
I've never heard of Serengeti, but they look decent.

I'm a Maui Jim/Oakley fan. I had a set of $300 Maui Jim's until I stepped on them. Now I roll with the $145 Oakley Whiskers.
I have pair of silver raybans. I never heard of them until my neighbor told me that his dad used them and liked how they fit under a headset.
Until then I had only used $10 sunglasses. I think these raybans are worth it because I don't have a problem with my ear seals anymore.

I don't have any experience with any others.


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Alright, come on! I think that pilots that have never heard of Serengeti or Ray Ban must be a sign of the apocalypse.:eek: