Quality Education?


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I have read alot about ATA and broken promises...but can anybody tell me if they hold true to the promise of training you "the airline way"? Do they give you quality instruction? Do they have quality instructors? Are you ready to fly for the regionals when the program is complete?
From my experience there, yes. I definitely received quality instruction from excellent instructors (this is not to say that they were all good, as any place....just that I was lucky in the ones I had).
If you work hard, have the aptitude, and the right attitude, you will be ready. At least from when I went through this was the case. Can't speak for current conditions. But as with most institutions, it is what you make of it.
Yes im in the PVT gound at ATA right now. Iv'e learned sooo much about aviation in the last 2 1\2 weeks and ive been in the industry for 2 years. The quality of instruction is top notch from day one. They operate the school just like the airlines(Dispatch,chief Pilot,Ass Chief Pilot and overall aircraft operation) and I know exactly how they work because I worked for ACA for a year on the ramp. I highly recommend this place...PLus the weather is great