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So where to start. Ive searched this website and found some very useful information. But I'd like some input. Ever since I was little I've wanted to be a pilot, originally all I wanted was to fly airliners. And then I was obsessed with the F/A-18 and to fly on carriers, but the military is not for me. I have long since given up on aviation dreams, but I'm still obsessed with flying to a point where my girlfriends is forcing look into being a pilot. I'm currently 19 years old and one semester in at an affordable four year university that does not have an aviation program. I have no experience in flying. My plan currently is to continue my pursuit of a communications degree or if I change something not aviation as a fall back plan. For now I will continue to network as if I'm going into a career in communications. I plan over the next four years to make a final decision on whether or not I pursue my dream. I'm aware that it will be rough the first few years but its something i want to do and its not for the potential large amount of money down the road if I'm very lucky. I was planning on doing flight training after I graduate from university. How realistic is my plan? Does anyone have any suggestions? Sorry for being so wordy!!!
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You should give some specific information about your proffered location & your interest. There are lot many options in flight training like Commercial pilot, private pilot, business pilot, fighter pilot, helicopter pilot & many more. Which area you really looking forward for your future ?