Pilot Pay: Where are the numbers?


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To all aspiring commercial airline pilots (or current ones that can lend a hand in my ongoing search): Where can I find quantitative information about pilot pay scales in the regionals and the majors? We know pilot pay starts off relatively low and ends up relatively high at the end of a career but where can I see this on paper? If anyone has a web page, publication, prior posting, etc., please let me know. It seems people have a firm grasp of what everyone makes but I cannot seem to find out where they came up with the facts? Are the numbers out there? Is it possible to see the difference between one airline and another or are we only able to see that information once we are a member of a union?

(I have seen copies of Kit Darby's book that is available on line but wonder if there is anything out there that does not require a paid membership to view?)
I think theres one from jetjobs.com from october, but it was put out before the bankruptcies and wage drops..
I can't attest to the accuracy, but here's the jet jobs one, again this may be different now.
pay comparison

I don't know of any sites for regional airline pay. If you are interested in Fractional pay, fracstats.com has pay and benefits info.

Good luck.