Past intrument checride today!


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Well I'm finally an instrument rated pilot today! I passed my checkride with flying . . . --- well, let's just say I passed. I didn't fly too well. Actually, I really haven't flown to my fullest capabilities on any of my checkrides yet. For some reason, I breeze through the oral, then become a mess up in the air. I think it may be some form of performance anxiety. I think the examiner sees it as well. He knows I can fly, just not on a checkride. I better get over it quick because when I'm interviewing for a job, the examiner will not be so forgiving.

The good news is, now I'll do my pairing ride and CRM class and be sent off on my X-countries. I've been looking forward to this portion since I signed up. It's gonna be great. Peace out mofo's.
Are you serious? You passed? they must be giving those things out. I heard about you. hahha, just kidding. congrats. The instrument checkride is what i feared most. Was it the same for you? I that was the hardest checkride. The only one that comes close is the single commercial. Lazy eights suck! the other checkrides are a breeze. good luck with rest of the program. i'll stop by to congratulate you in person. So when's the party?

Congrats man...good to know you can pass the damn things without being perfect every time! I'm sure you'll get even better on the next ones, kinda hard to picture the examiner not being there to alleviate the pressure huh? Just hope I don't crack, taking all these writtens now...
I wish I were coming up there. Right now I'm in Atlanta, gonna spend the night. Big D is heading home for the week. He's got some things to take care of. I think we're gonna end up doing the CFI class together. If I don't end up in Manassas somehow, I'll get in touch with you to take care of business. Peace out yo yo.