November Photos


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I've only flown 15 hours so far this month, with another three or four scheduled for the weekend, so I didn't really get too many photos this month. Here are some photos:

Enroute to CRE in the Twin Comanche

Turning final to runway 5 at CRE

No clouds from Delaware to Florida!

The house in Spruce Creek

My company car, a 2008 Mercedes CLS550

Final for runway 23 at Spruce Creek in Riddle's crappiest plane

On the way home


The back

The fleet

That's all,



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I've decided you're a sadist who loves torturing the rest of us who envy your life.

I hate you. Very, very, much.

(I'm also kidding. Don't start PM'ing me out of righteous indignation.)


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Thats a pretty sweet company car....I must say that they jipped you for giving you a benz over a bimmer though;)

Awesome pics as always!


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Amazing shots like usual!

Awesome company car man! But i agree with Pedro, they jipped you by giving you the Benz over the Bimmer. I say you demand you wont fly for them ANYMORE unless they give you a brand new M5! ;)


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are you kidding me?!?! seriously....

still waiting to hear that you played pro ball for the first 10 years of your life...