No longer a Happy Student Pilot . . .


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I'm now a Happy Private Pilot!

Had my oral on Monday and the flight on Tuesday. Both went pretty well. The oral wasn't really that big of a deal and the flight went great up until I made a dumb mistake entering a traffic pattern. Despite that, all was within PTS standards and I'm now a legal pilot!

I start working on my commercial tomorrow and am thrilled!

Thanks to all here who have given me support and advice . . . Don't go anywhere, though. I have a ways to go and still need you!

Today the sky, tomorrow the universe!

- PhotoPilot
AWESOMENESS!!! My PPL checkride has to be my favorite flight of all time. It went really well and the accomplishment at the other end is awesome.

What was your mistake? It could not have been that bad if you passed.

How many hours do you have? Under 40??
OUTSTANDING!!! Now go out there and exercise those privileges you worked so hard for and earned!

Congrats! Make sure you put the checkride "gouge" in "Checkride Central" so you can help out the next guy!
To make a long story short, the traffic flow was moving with the unfavored runway at an uncontrolled airport and, rather than circle until everyone was gone or point out the wind direction and see if they would be willing to change, I joined the pattern flow and landed with a quartering tail wind. Makes those shortfields not so short . . .

But, despite being ticked at myself for not being perfect (personal flaw . . . ), I'm REALLY PSYCHED!

Now, I wonder if any airlines would hire a guy with 37 hours and a PPL . . .

P.S. And the gouge is on the way . . .
But, despite being ticked at myself for not being perfect (personal flaw . . . ),

[/ QUOTE ]
Not a flaw at all. It'll make you a better pilot.

I find fault with just about every flight. There is ALWAYS something I could have done better.

Maybe just me.

Best of luck!!

Anyone looking for the whole story on the the pattern thing, see "The Private Practical Gouge" in Checkride Central. I'd love feedback on just how big my goofs were . . . I think . . .

I've seen how some of these posts can get! Feel free to be firm, but at the same time, take it easy!

And thanks to Iain, R2F, pilot602, Doug, Eagle, and the rest of you. It's great to have your knowledge, insight, opinions, and congratulations so close at hand!