No Airbus in Tegucigalpa (TGU) ?


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Just an observation. I was checking out some videos of airliners landing in TGU because, well its pretty awesome to watch. I haven't seen a single piece of footage of an Airbus doing it, only Boeing 737s, 757s and Ejets. Whats up with that? Is there a limitation on the Airbus for that place?


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Maybe this is why? (I keed, I keed...)

TACA is the only one I know of that flies the Airbus into there.


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TACA has a record of water related accidents, we were taxing in GUA when we saw them overran the wet runway.

I think the main reasons are two;

Not many airlines operate A320s in the area and the ones that do are in codeshare with TACA (Avianca)

The second and main reason is that most central American companies operate out of San Pedro Sula mainly, all the flights operated to Toncontín are short range using LET 410, ATR42...

Don`t think Airbus can`t do it, look up approaches of DrukAir`s A319 into Paro Airport.


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I don't know of videos, but I've seen tons of pictures of TACA 319s and 320s at TGU. Maybe with the United/Continental Merger, A319s or A320s may one day do IAH-TGU.