New york city VFR corridor


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Has anybody flown through this corridor lately? I'm planning on heading up to Poughkeepsie from Philadelphia this weekend via the corridor and was wondering if there is any advice to make it a smooth transition. There's a special self-announce CTAF frequency, but is it better just to keep flight following with New York Approach right on through? Thanks for input.
Done it tons of times after 9/11. It is best to have flight following through the corridor. NY approach has always cleared me through the bravo everytime I have done the route. Just follow the hudson up to POU, any you will be fine. Just be aware of the class B altitudes, and where it begins. Have Fun

What airport in the Philadephia area are you doing this flight from? I flew to Lincoln Park, NJ from PNE through the VFR corridor. Definitely go through it; it's one of the most scenic routes you can take in the world with a small plane.

Make sure you have the current New York Terminal Chart. Study it before you go, because there are frequencies on it that the river route uses.

What I did, and is the best way in my opinion, is to just get flight following up to about a point west of Colts Neck VOR. Then, cancel it and switch to the river frequency. It's either 123.05 or 07, but you'll see them on the chart.

The route will take you over Union Beach, NJ where I was about 1500'. Then you go direct to the center of the Tappan Zee Bridge and cross that at or below 1100'. From there, you head to Governor's Island staying below 1100' at all times, and I'd recommend flying at about 800', which is plenty clear below class B and above the 500' AGL rule.

The view is just incredible. Just remember, if you mess up something just a little bit, it's going to be on the news, you're going to be in trouble, and it could ruin other pilots opportunities for this flight route.

Have fun!
I do it all the time. Best route for your flight would be to Colts Neck VOR and then ask approach for a VFR decent to maintain clear of Class B, aim for hte center of the Verizano bridege and fly South to North up the Hudson below 1100'. I usually fly at 800 feet, seems to give the best view. I fyou want a different view, call up LGA tower on the frequency published on the TAC and request the East river transistion. You will probably be cleared to the 59th street bridge, to the North Tip of Rooselvelt Island, direct to the CAP (LGA tower) and then direct to the south stantion of the Throgs neck bridge, from there you proceed on course...

Have fun..
Thanks for the input. Was planning on making the flight this morning, was all set to go, was in the air and headed to NY when I found out my transponder wasn't working. Neither philly, nor Mcquire could pick me up after recycling it, turining on and off, and checking the fuses. so, we diverted to Skymanor field in pittstown instead. Will try it again next weekend.

What airport in the Philadephia area are you doing this flight from? I flew to Lincoln Park, NJ from PNE through the VFR corridor.

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Nick, I'm also out of PNE -- Hortman. How is Lincoln Park?
Lincoln Park is a nice little airport. If you go, eat at the restaurant. The price isn't bad and a good variety. Just park as close to the restaurant as you can because the FBO near runway 19 will try to charge you for parking. Take a walk around the airport; there's a Cessna dealer on the field and lots of interesting aircraft.
Nice pictures. Isn't it fun to fly along the Englewood Cliffs at the same height as them? I can't wait to fly this route again.
Sorry, I just realized that I called the Verrazano Bridge the Tappan Zee Bridge in my post above. The Verrazano is at the south, and the Tappan Zee is north of the class B airspace and the G.W. Bridge.