New Start Up Family Airlines???


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So I have been looking for a new job within the PR/Media sector and found a company looking for a publicist for no compensation on that scam of a site, craigslist. Anyway here is the website. I really dont know about this. Scam or simply out of touch with reality? Enjoy


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Well, I wouldn't call Craigslist a scam, blanketly like that. There are a LOT of scammers working it, but there's a lot of average people just buying & selling stuff using it like the classifieds :)

As for Family Airlines, I've heard about them before, I think it's a company that is actually trying to start up. Truth be told I would be very leery of going there for pay, much less for no pay! Too much risk in a start up with the industry right now. I guess if I was furloughed or had no other job options, I might seriously look into it......


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Take a look at the about us section. The CEO is a Dr. Phil look a like. Their Director of training was the DOT at skybus and the previous Director of Standards at GoJet.

The "director" states in his resume,( he and his wife both have "director" titles, but it is never mentioned what they actually are in charge of.)

"M.G.M. Music Inc.
Built company from ground up to the most successful wedding
band in New York. Job entails everyday running of company such
as sales, advertising, consumer relations, accounting, showcasing
and performing."

I am sure that a wedding band performer is a great choice for airline management. When the ship sinks, perhaps the band will play on like on the Titanic.

If you read the DOT filing, almost everyone involved with this startup has been a career hopper. Most of them haven't held the same job for more than a couple years before they move onto something else. I would assume that this airline will be no different.


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Sounds like a skybus style operation with regard to pricing and such, but these guys want to do it with 747s.

Surely those will be cheaper to operate. :sarcasm:


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They have service offered on a 747 from LAS to SNA. I really dont think I could offer these people my PR and marketing skills. :sarcasm:


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They state their 747s have "42 office class seats". WTF is that?

How about their TOP HEAVY management works for no compensation so that can pay for a publicist. That may actually get them some free publicity!