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I just got this spam in my email box. Seeing how all of us are very highly concerned over what is being said about us and what might turn up in a background check, I figured I'd let you all know.

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Subject: Someone is researching your background
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2004 14:29:10 -0800
To: tonyw

Someone has just begun to research your background via our website.

This email has been automatically sent to you so as to make you aware that your background is being looked into.

The popularity of our website is currently growing at a very rapid rate.

If another person begins to research you in the future we will again inform you via email.

If you do not want to be informed when users research you please add yourself to our Do Not Email List here:
Spam link

You may learn about the research being done here:
spam link


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This is what Snopes has to say about it.

Snopes Story on this Spam

Don't fall for the scam, guys!
That's pretty messed up.

I don't mind getting an ad now and then - I just delete the sender so they can no longer send me anything. Ever.

But today I got one that said 'Payment past due' or something to that effect. I was pretty pissed off when I realized it was an ad.
Good thing that 'anti-spam' legislation did so well!

I think I have MORE spam now!

But not like I expected it to do anything. I wonder what else was attached to that piece of legislation that got 'fast-tracked' under the auspices of reducing internet junk mail?!
Since you asked.


Now if you can work your way through the legalese, you might actually be able to understand what the law did!
The worst part is that it's "Opt Out" which means that the supposed 'legit' spammer will take you off his list until the next hour when he changes servers or advertising clients.

The "non-legit" spammer, under the auspices that the dummy user thinks that he's a "legit" spammer, while he thinks he's opting-out of the spam, actually simply verifies that the spammer has a 'hot' email address and sells it on the open market to other spammers.

A waste of time.
Its like the "Do not call list". The telemarketers and others now get to call you when you sign up for magazines and such. I heard this on the radio recently by a consumer guy here in ATL. He said what happens in the small print its says you agree be on the list by accepting the magazine or stuff. Thats the new way around the dont call list so be careful what you sign.