Name change on application?


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Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask, but I just got married on June 4th. As soon as our marriage license comes back, I was going to submt my name change and all that jazz.

How will this affect my application? I know I can change it in ASAP but will it cause a discrepancy anywhere? Any idea how I can make sure that they process my name change. (Wouldn't that suck...get through all this testing and interviews only to get denied security clearance because my SSN came up a different name than was on my application! :eek: )
You should be fine as long as you haven't gone to a PEPC or local interview. After that... sounds like a gray area to me. Even then, I wouldn't worry about it. As long as you let any contacts know (mainly HR rep).
I actually dealt with the same thing. I got married in January. I was told to change my name in ASAP.
I did end up running into issues with getting notified that I was selected for ZFW, but I have no idea if the name change had anything to do with that.