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I decided this morning that I am moving on. I took a job as an instructor in Anchorage and will be moving to the great white north in 2 weeks.
Buzo, if you don't mind me asking are you getting enough/much flying time in WA? Care to share why you're leaving? Alaska would be amazing!
Wow! That will be quite an experience for you!

Be sure to keep us informed on how things are going!

You will have internet access up their right??

You will have internet access up their right??

[/ QUOTE ]I'm not even sure they have electricity up there yet
I will try to answer all the questions. I am getting plenty of flying where I am, and feel I am leaving one of the best flying clubs around. The place I am currently teaching is where I have done most of my flying and is an excellent place to learn and teach. I have been looking into flying in Alaska ever since I got my private and I am getting that chance. There are some regionals up there that are still doing real well and it looks like this job will set me up nicely for the next new hire class. Although I could stay where I am and go up when the class begins, the flying club up there needs an MEI and I think it is time for me to explore a little bit outside of my comfort area. I have lived in the same house my entire life and I think it will be a great opportunity.

I will take lots of pictures, especially on the drive up. I have always wanted to drive the Alaska highway and now I am getting my chance. Although I am going to take the ferry from Bellingham WA, to Haines AK, I will still drive 800 miles of it. As for electricity, I think they are planning on wiring the state over the next few months. For the time being, I will just have to get the complimentary pet polar bear to keep running on the treadmill to keep the lights going.

It is going to be a great experience, and I will continue to be a contributor to the excellent board and keep you all abreast of my journeys.
<-----envious of Buzo

That sounds like such a great place to fly and learn, probably put hair on your chest, hey?

Enjoy and we'll look forward to hearing about all of your adventures


The ferry is awesome!! That's how I originally got up to Alaska years ago! I had everything I owned in the back of my little Ford Ranger, put it on the ferry and two days later: Haines, Alaska, 20 below zero (I went up late Jan.).

I spent the night in Beaver Creek, Yukon. When I went up the ferry dropped me off in Haines around noon and I didn't want to drive through the night to Anchorage. It was 50 below there- I left my truck running all night while I slept to keep it warm!

Have you seen my website yet? There's lots of Alaska pictures there!