Mirimar Airshow


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I'll be down at MCAS Mirmar tomorrow for the airshow. Blue Angels will be there and a bunch of other military demonstrations. I'll be sure to look out for our buddy TomCatter!!!
He may have been promoted to the Blue Angels by now!
Aww, I'm jealous. I really want to go, but unfortunately I'll either be stuck in PRC tomorrow, or picking up some mad TEC action in the LA basin on sunday. Might have to convince the IP for a quick trip down to San Diego.
Well just got back, it was a real good show. The Blue Angels only flew with 5 planes. Anyone know what that is about? Every other time I've seen them they've had 6 planes.

I've got some digital pics, but I don't know how to put them up. Can anyone help out? Thanks
Sheesh! The Blue Angels were scheduled to fly in Long Beach, until the city pulled the plug. I saw them fly at Moffet Field, I think in 1987, all I can say is WOW!

I am sure that you enjoyed yourself, don't rub it in toooo much.
They still doing the twilight show? I remember back in the Tomcat days they used to do mock bombing runs at afterburner past the crowd.

Nice to see Fat Albert though. She's a beast.
Have any of you guys seen the Red Arrows? I have seen them numerous time (they used to be based out of an airport about 20 miles from where I used to live - and they used to fly over my town at about 1000 feet regularly to and from any show in Southern England).
I saw them once in Falmouth - they performed right over the bay, we watched from the hills on the side. It was the best show, rather then looking up to watched them we basically just had to look straight ahead - which was a really neat prospective.
They also flew over my school at the start of Sports Day - not sure if some parents had planned it if it was a coincidence - but either way it was cool, and the prospective parents would have been impressed.
We were supposed to have them at Dayton this summer but they cancelled out at the last minute. But seeing the Angels, Thunderbirds, and Canadian Snowbirds all perform on the same day made up for it.
We had the Angels at Toledo last year, but I didn't get to see them while they performed. I did however see them practicing the friday of the weekend of the airshow (run-on).
If you couldn't hear the announcer where you were, the sixth Blue Angel was med down. Could have been a cold, sinuses, etc. The Twighlight Show and Wall of Fire rocked! A B-1 in full burner down low at night is a sight to see!