Migraine ? for PEPC


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Hey I was at a PEPC yesterday and had a question. I had a concussion in 2004 and had pretty bad post concussive headaches 3 months later for about a month. The doc gave me zomig for it. They come in 8 packs and i still have 3 sitting in the med cabinet... so I had 4 or 5 during that time period. The flight surgeon asked for the reports on that and I was wondering for what particular reason. I have no problem getting the paperwork, just curious if that concussion could lead to more serious problems down the road my neurologist never informed me of...
Also he wanted reports for an overnighter at a hospital that i was kept at for fear of appendicitis, but actually ended up being a bad gas pocket? That happened about 7 8 years ago. That boggled me in every way. Anyway any opinion welcome thanks in advance.

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They want all of the information regarding health issues, especially for employees of hte agency.

The headache issue is the severity of headaches and could this be a problem when working?

The hospitalization records are for thoroughness only.