Loss of license Protection for your medical


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You can obtain Loss of license Protection for your medical. As you very well know no license, you won;t be flying. AOPA was the agent up until about three months ago where they discontinued offering the plans due to.. get this... Lack of participation..

Perhaps it is because many people don;t know it exists, they are not flying professionally, or they don;t want to take advantage of the program.

However Seabury and Smith (800-882-5583) are still the underwriters, and they can help you out.

There are a few different plans the one I chose will provide me with $1000.00 a month if I fail to pass a class 1 or 2 medical. The waiting period is 180 days. meaning that 180 days after I lose the medical I will be able to collect the payment for 36 months, or until I get the medical back. I suspect after you get it back they may cancel the policy or raise your rates but I am unsure.

I pay quarterly about 85$. it works out to about $0.90 cents a day.

Questions send me a PM.
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ok. Seems like a great idea. Not a lot of money but enough to cover the mortgage while you figure out what to do next. I think I will definately look into this when it is time to start flying.