Life Insurance


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I have heard that there are some companies that specifically write policies for pilots at reasonable rates. Does anyone know what companies do this? TIA.
Im with State Farm. They offer pretty close to the same rate, if not the same, for pilots as for anyone else. The only requirement is that you have at least 100 hours of solo time and fly at least 20 hours a year. Mine just renewed the 1st of October, and I had to submit my information because I was a little short on the solo time when I first took the policy out last October. I think its very reasonable, and I was expecting a much higher rate especially if you were planning on making a career out of aviation, but that didnt seem to be the case.
Do you mind if I ask how much covg and premium you are at? Right now we have it w/ Allstate, but the rates vary based on 300 hours or 500 hours. We need to get him more covg but he's only at 250 hours so it would be spendy right now.
My wife and I both have $100,000 on the same policy, Im not sure on the premium, but as soon as I find it (its added in with the rest of our insurance) I will PM you the info. We used to be with All State and they were REALLY, REALLY high on car insurance. Not sure about the life because we just rode out our 6 month policy on the vehicles and went from 190.00/mo to 80.00/mo.
Kristie and I used "Zander Insurance" which gave me and her great rates on Term.
I have a policy with Woodmen of the World that was not uprated and a policy with CNA that was.

I've heard good things about the Zander Agency and would refer you to them as well.

Additionally, I think that AOPA sells some pilot life insurance that probably isn't uprated. Make sure that you buy life insurance and not their accidental death policy. (I wouldn't recommend ADD policies for anyone.)
Yeah, I'll be sure it's life. If you have an accidental death while working for a company don't they usually have some coverage for you, like workers comp?