Some Guy
I would eventually like to own my own airplane. I have heard about leaseback to flight schools or FBO. How does it work if it is say a partnership wanting to lease back? Do I get to fly it anytime I want? Even though it would be leased back would I be able to provide instruction in my airplane without having to work for said company?
When I worked at an FBO, they figured out how many hours the plane would normally fly in a month, figure out insurance, MX, savings for engine overhauls ect. and then tack on a little extra for yourself and themselves. We let the owner fly the plane for the basic cost (without the management costs ect) so a $115 172 now cost the owner $65 an hour to operate. I would think you could instruct in it, but I would think your student would need the nessecary insurance checkouts so you may want to talk with the guy doing the paperwork on that.