LASIK in the San Francisco Area


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I am researching the LASIK procedure and want to know if any members have experience with surgeons in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Cant tell you about LASIK in the SF bay area, but I have had it done myself so perhaps my experience will be helpful.

1. Ask about wavefront's the newest thing and can produce remarkable results, even correcting for astigmatism.
2. LASIK isnt for everyone, some people can get progressive thinning of the cornea following the procedure and this can result in uncorrectable permanent damage to your sight. So make sure you get tested for corneal thickness as part of the workup.
3. Find someone who does them ALOT!
4. You get what you pay for was never more true than for LASIK. Expect a competent surgeon to charge you in the neighborhood of $1500 per eye or more.
5. A decent percentage of people (including yours truly) need a touchup 1-2 years down the line, make sure that this is covered as part of your initial fee.
6. Two ways of cutting the cornea:
a: intralase: use a laser to make the cut, think "manhole cover". Produces a more evenly distributed surface for the lasik part of the surgery. Disadvantage: after 2-3 years there is NO WAY to got back and do a touch up withoout damaging the cornea.
b: microkeratome: use a knife to cut. The edges end up very thin compared to the middle, so it's a less precise surface for the lasik to work. BUT, you can go back for a touch up even 4-7 years later.
For what it's worth, I went through the Hoopes vision center in Sandy, Utah ( Dr. Hoopes was one of the pioneers of lasik and his son is equally good at doing lasik.

.....hope that helps.