KSSF- Stinson Municipal Airport


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Man I miss SSF.

Nothing like shooting T&Gs over a graveyard.
Yeah, there's a cemetery on the approach end on rwy 14 and a large one to the north of the field. This is one of my favorite places to see when I'm visiting San Antonio.

BTW did you the additions to the terminal?

Roger, Roger

Man, I've been there before. It was like 9 PM the night before Thanksgiving last year. A cold front had just come through and the wind was crazy, 20+ knot xwind I think.


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I was there while they were building the additions, but I've not been there since they were completed.

I see you got a shot of Charlie taxing in.


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I HATE Stinson! I think it's because of the VOR or GPS Rwy 32. That was the approach that we frequently shot at T-37 and T-6 school. We would be in this high MOA doing spins, stalls, and instrument maneuvers, then we would do this "Hi-Kelly ILS 15 procedure" (which was a fake hi approach to kelly's ILS 15), then pop on over to stinson for the VOR or GPS 32, circle to runway 9 (I think it was 9, been a year and a half), then vectors to ILS 14R at RND. It was 3 or four different pages in the darn NACO book, while you are trying to teach, swap Navaids, and back everything up in the GPS.

Ugh! Bad memories.


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Ya'll miss Stinson...I'll trade ya. I dont really like going in there. It is interesting flying over the cemetary with the tall trees while on short final. I usually try to stay away from it though.
Great pics!


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I hate to rain on the parade, but that's not a Bonanza, looks like a Musketeer or a Sundowner maybe? (one in the same?)