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Holy crap. My dude! I’ve been pushing for years to get ribbons on pilot shirts. I mean if we have to wear the stupid thing let’s at least do it right.

I’m thinking we could have ribbons for various feats like perfect attendance, shooting a cat 3 approach, completing 100 overnights a year, and Chief Pilot’s appreciation.

Coming to a Capt upgrade class near you!


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Clear is also available for $119/year for any Delta SkyMiles member or United MileagePlus member - both of which are free to sign up for if you don't already have an account. If you have any level of status other than Diamond/1K or even just one of the Delta/United credit cards, the price goes down to $109/year. If you are Diamond/1K, Clear's free - for now.

Not gonna lie, but it’s insanely easy to get the Delta employee rate if you work for one of their regional partners.

Their customer support is inept, but their system is easily gameable.

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