KLM leaving Pan Am?


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Heard that KLM is not happy with their program down in Ft. Pierce and are cancelling thier contract. They are visiting FSI this week to possibly sign a deal........


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They have been talking with Safety for over a year now. Good for Flight Safety. I can't beleive they ever went to Pan-Am in the first place. I know one of the KLM instructors over there in FT. Pierce. He said he is surprised they didn't get out of their contract sooner because of the low pass rate. He say's the KLM program was put together on a whim and has never been a solid, structured program...ILS


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I too have heard that KLM is not very pleased. I am sure FSI can put together a much more complete program like the Austrian or the Asiana programs that are in place and "working" at FSI now. Hopefully marketing can snap them into place and if not let Marcel take the reps from KLM for a ride and see if he can shake them into a deal.
FSI thankfully has a proven track recored of training pilots. I just with they can put a bridge program together that actually works and get grads hired on. It is still (in my opinion) the best flight school in the country and hopefully KLM will see that.

P.S. Maybe Chunk can speak to the KLM guys