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Hi all,

I have been out of aviation for 15 years. I know that the regional job market is suffering, very different from this time last year.

My question is this. Is there still a lot of work out there of a new CFI, or are all the newly furloughed regional guys and gals back snatching up all the CFI work. I know that we train a lot of Aisian pilots and that is what keeps the CFI market strong, but has this been adversley affected by the fuel costs as have been the airlines?

Thanks for your help


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Foreign training hasn't skipping much of a beat, as the dollar is still relatively weak. It really just depends on where you are. On the whole, I would say there isn't a very big demand.


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The Aviation job market is like a roller coaster. It goes up and then down and then upside down. Do what you love, Strap in and enjoy the ride! :nana2: