Jet Blue to Get RJs


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USA Today reported today that JetBlue will buy a large number of Embraer 100 seat regional jets in 2005. They plan to open a number of smaller markets with these jets. No word on how (or if) this will affect their hiring minimums, but it is a major departure from JBs current single-aircraft-type strategy for major markets.
I dont think that JetBlue is calling them "regional jets." They want them to be considered part as of their mainline fleet.
Wonder why they didn't go with the A318. Pretty sure the A318/A319/A320/A321 are all under the same type rating. I'd imagine it would save a bundle in training costs.
My guess is that they plan to start service to cities that:

A: don't have enough business to support an A318
B: don't have airports that can handle A318s