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Check the student services job board and attend the career fair. There are a lot of opportunities out there; take advantage of them. Also have your resume ready for potential jobs/internships. You never know who you're going to meet and when you're going to meet them.


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Does UND offer any internships with airlines? I know a lot of airlines go to SIU for students to intern.
Yes plenty sometimes they're mostly only open to aviation univeristy students, one more advantage of going to an aviation university. Their a learning experience and pritty fun and exicting. Just study hard for ground school (some airlines allow you to sit thorugh systems) and pick the airline that former interns had the best experience. A lot of the work is not in the actual flight but desk work. You have different departments to work in I worked in Flight safety, theres also HR, crew etc... As an intern you can non rev and some airlines allow you to jumpseat. If you want to get paid look into Jetblue and Southwest.