If you see this guy, give him a beatdown


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A few months back just about every prop in our company that landed at HFD-Brainard Airport got hit with a green laser. CT Authorities took it very seriously and dealt with it appropriately. However, that particular green laser in my face was only "mildly annoying" and did not pose a hazard to flight safety whatsoever.


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A few months ago an aircraft inbound to CLE was lasered. They reported it to tower, who quickly called a police chopper already on freq to the area. The idiot then lasered the Police chopper.....IDIOT! Needless to say they caught the guy.


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I got hit coming off of 8 in PHL about a year ago. It was on the left side so I didn't see much more then a green flash, but the captain said he could see the whole beam all the way back to the ground. We were in the clouds by 1500 feet so it didn't last long, but there sure was a lot of paperwork involved.


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The string of expletives that comes to mind would overwhelm the filters. He does need a beat down. Those things can cause so much damage to your eyes that you may not be able to fly again because you couldn't pass your medical anymore. What a dbag.
i agree. being a laser afficionado myself, i definitely can appreciate and respect even "small" lasers.

that said, a small laser probably a) does not have enough energy at that range to do much more than give you a light spot temporarily, and b) certainly isnt steady enough to focus that meager energy on any one spot in your eye to damage it

on the opposite end, ive seen a laser put a hole in a 2x4 about 20 feet away and seen multiple cigs lit off a laser beam.

these were not "toy" lasers. talking like 5 watt YAG lasers and the such, professional gear.


actually looking to buy a 500mW laser myself....


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This is like those morons that were throwing rocks at the cars on the highway trying to cause accidents...same deterrent behavior.


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An Eagle and a Southwest plane both got tagged with a green laser coming into CMH the other night. We were rolling out when they both reported it. They were both short final to the two parallels. Don't know if they even caught the idiot who was doing it.


How does it actually affect you? Is it just a really wide beam by the time it reaches the airplane? And is it just too bright?


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How does it actually affect you? Is it just a really wide beam by the time it reaches the airplane? And is it just too bright?

yeah i mean even if its not going to be harmful to your eyes at that distance im sure its HELLA distracting/annoying/unsafe getting a bright green zap in the eye when in a critical phase of flight.